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Making Our Community Better Together

TSGCF fosters on-going relationships with community and nonprofit leaders who identify human needs on our islands and who count on us as trusted partners to assess, prioritize and attempt to fill those needs.

On-Going Monitoring of Grant Use, Effectiveness & Impact: We systematically stay in touch with each recipient nonprofit to assess and refine the impact our grants are having to ensure the outcomes achieved with our donations are maximized. Every grant and scholarship made through the TSGCF is carefully monitored to ensure  donations have the positive impact we intended.


TSGCF has provided grants to nonprofits such as F.I.S.H. and Community Housing Resources on the Islands. Additionally grants for various projects and scholarships were awards to schools on the Island.

Overall in just a year the Foundation has donated more than $100,000! 

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Part of the Foundation's mission and one of its goals from its beginning was to provide scholarship assistance to employees and family members of employees at The Sanctuary Golf Club.


The scholarship program has been highly successful and impactful in its first year providing scholarships for a number of employees and a scholarship to the child of another employee.


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