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Children’s Education Center of the Islands

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation board approved donating a total of $48,000 to The Sanibel School and to the islands’ preschool, The Children’s Education Center of the Islands (CECI), in an effort to fill funding needs created, as a result of the COVID crisis. This brings The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation’s total donations in our community to $133,000 since the pandemic began. In March, the foundation provided a total of $85,000 to F.I.S.H. and Community Housing and Resources (CHR).

As a result of receiving $25,000 in scholarship grants, CECI can welcome preschoolers back to their campus for summer camp or fall preschool and daycare, regardless of the families’ ability to pay. The summer camp and preschool scholarships for those who could not afford to send their children without assistance enabled families to have a safe place for their child to go as they attempted to return to work during this crisis. In addition, $3,000 was granted for a sun-protective awning over a play area to protect the children from the sun’s harmful rays.

With community needs and government funding being particularly dynamic during this time, The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation has made a concerted effort to stay in contact with nonprofit, city and community leaders to assess where the greatest gaps in social services and community quality of life needs exist.

“The Foundation’s Grant Committee has been working with community leaders to identify gaps so we can step in and help address needs that would otherwise go unmet. Our goal is to help ease the burdens of those in need and to enhance the quality of life in our community, without duplicating efforts.” John McCabe, Founda-tion Board President, explained.

When assessing local needs, having a safe and affordable on-island preschool, and maintaining the strength of our elementary and middle school became apparent. Both The Sanibel School and CECI have experienced significant funding losses as a result of being forced to cancel major fundraisers. In addition, Lee County announced it will provide less school funding due to the decline in tourism tax revenue.

Learn more about CECI >>

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