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Inaugural Impact

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Dear Friends,

While you have been missed by your fellow Club and community Members during this season of Covid social distancing, you left a trail of good deeds through your generosity to The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation.

Even When You Weren’t Here, You Were Making Our Community Better Through The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation.

In our Foundation’s Inaugural Year, here is what we have collectively accomplished to make our overall community and the Club Foundation better:

  • $407,998 raised and generated.

  • $133,000 granted to the 4 island-wide social service non-profits below.

  • $50,000 to F.I.S.H. to mind social service gaps created by Covid

  • $35,000 to Community Housing and Resources to help with rent shortfalls

  • $28,000 to Childrens’ Education Center of the Islands for needs-based pre-school scholarships and a sun protective awning.

  • $20,000 to The Sanibel School media center and leadership program

  • $17,122 in Sanctuary employee educational grants awarded to 3 individuals.

  • $159,444 in temporarily unallocated funds available to meet unanticipated needs as they arise (and nonprofits make appeals for).

  • $50,000 is being kept in reserve to maintain a small fund to cover potential operational/administrative expenses.

  • Foundation leaders fostered meaningful partnerships with community leaders to continually monitor ever changing island needs as they arise.

  • Formulated initial Foundation policies, systems and procedures to ensure impact of our donations is optimized.

  • Establishing continuous feedback loop seeking Member input to ensure the Foundation reflects your values and objectives.

I realize this is a brief report, so if you would like further details please reach out to me, Ken, or any of the other Foundation Board Members. Thank you again for joining our efforts to make our Island community better together.


John McCabe

The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation Board

John McCabe


Joel Levine

Vice President

Steve Peltzman


Lisa Schmidlin


Linda Linsmayer

Communications & Public Relations

Ken Kouril

Executive Director

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