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Working to improve our


Over $100,000 directed to community organizations

Community Partners

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Helping Hands

$40,000 in immediate support was granted to ensure the island’s primary provider of social services could keep up with the increase in unmet needs caused by COVID-19

Plus $10,000 as a Benefit Sponsor

F.I.S.H. of SanCap


F.I.S.H. is a human services organization, focused for over thirty-eight years on ‘neighbors helping neighbors’. The mission of F.I.S.H. is to lend a helping hand to those who live, work or visit here. The F.I.S.H. vision is to enrich the lives of everyone on Sanibel or Captiva Islands through an array of Food Programs, Island Based Workshops, Social Services and Helping Hands.  

Affordable Housing

$45,000 in funding was awarded early in the COVID-19 crisis


Community Housing & Resources, Inc. (CHR) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with the mission to provide affordable housing for families and individuals who work and who serve the community of Sanibel.

People sustain our community. Community Housing and Resources works to ensure that Sanibel remains a vibrant community where caring, experienced people are committed to your health, safety, and welfare.

Sanibel School

$10,000 Grant was awarded allowing the school to reinstate the “The Leader in Me” program

$10,000 Grant for replenishing books and other media in the school’s library, The Sanctuary Media Center



The Sanibel School serves approximately 325 students in grades kindergarten through eight. Our students live on Captiva and Sanibel Islands as well as the mainland of southwest Florida. Our school is dedicated to providing a challenging academic curriculum with an emphasis on environmental education and community connection.

Our goals and priorities are based upon our understanding of the future and the world in which our students will live as adults.
Community Preschool

$25,000 in need based scholarships, for summer camp or fall preschool and daycare, regardless of the families’ ability to pay

$3,000 was granted for a sun-protective awning


At the CECI our teachers help your child explore, discover, interact and learn in the natural world! We use an emergent and child-led approach to learning that stays flexible and appropriate to your child's level of development, so it addresses their unique abilities, needs, and interests.

The mission of the Children's Education Center of the Islands is to create a nurturing, exciting learning environment that creates happy, curious, confident children.

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