Your Foundation has had a very successful year. The Foundation's Celebration on March 19 concluded our third season of fundraising providing us substantial capital as we enter our third season of grants and scholarships. The charts below summarize how much we have raised, the cost and expenses to do so, as well as to whom we have made grants and scholarships. Our Foundation was new and we were in the midst of a substantial pandemic during most of our first two years. We wanted to be responsive and ready to help in case unexpected needs and/or emergencies materialized; hence we were particularly careful and conservative in our dispensation of grant monies. To that end, we established a reserve and are pleased to say we enter this funding cycle with sufficient funds that should allow us to meet the goals of our Mission and other potential emergencies should they arise.





We are well positioned to fulfill our mission


Available Funds from
Prior Year Efforts


Net Revenue


Total Funds Available for
Grants & Scholarships 

As we enter our 3rd year cycle
we are pursuing


We are actively engaged in working with our existing grantees and potential new ones and are prepared to grant more than $300,000 to nonprofits.


We have provided 6 scholarships... slow to start but the momentum is building and we have set aside approximately $144,000 for the next 12 months.



Lisa Schmidlin


Steve Peltzman

Vice President/Treasurer

Jim Pouliot

Grants Committee Chair

Kathy Wiesemann


John McCabe

Immediate Past President


Thank you to Joel Levine and Linda Linsmayer for their dedicated service to Our Foundation during their term.

Joel Levine

Vice President

Linda Linsmayer



Monarch Butterfly Level Sponsors
$20,000 - $30,000


Painted Lady Butterfly Level Sponsors
$10,000 - $20,000

Butch & Jackie Bingham
Stuart & Karen Buck
Jim & Dulce Doss
Paul & Andria Heafy
Steve & Debbie Klug
John & Kathy McCabe
Guillermo & Beatriz Pascual
Tom & Suzanne Reeg
John & Lisa Schmidlin
Charlie & Gail Sheetz
Daniel & Krys Stegmann 
Bob & Kathy Wiesemann

White Peacock Butterfly Level Sponsors
$5,000 - $9,999

Guy & Nancy Arvia
Mike & Margie Bennett
Peter & Beth Bensen
Jay & Cindy Brown
Jim & Jonatha Castle
Steve & Molly Cobb
Melissa & Scot Congress
Ed Curtis
Bill & Debbie Delaney
Fred & Marianne Fischer
Steve & Susie Fritze
Tom & Melissa Gauntlett
Bruce & Jeanne Grossnickle
Tiffani Kaliko & John Silvia
George & Ann Keches
Bob & Marilyn Klaskin
Nick & Linda Linsmayer
Paul Milbury & Heidi Lehner
Rick & Karen Nicoletti
Randolph Schiffer & Lynn Bickley
Dick & Sheridan Snell
Greg & Stephanie Zurek 

Swallowtail Butterfly Level Sponsors
$2,500 - $4,999

Pat & Judy Auletta
Bill & Besty Baumgartner
George & Ann Bayly
Bill & Judy Cheney
Maureen Dalton
Richard & Beth Davis
Matt & DiDi Funchion
Steve & Linda Gibbs
Anton & Magdalena Golobic
Taylor & Betsy Hay
Marc & Joy Lautenbach
Kristin & Dudley Malone
Jim & Mary Nelson
Bob & Pam Norton
Steve & Susie Peltzman
Jim Pouliot & Rita Ciocca
Don & Nancy Rolley
A.J. & Sunny Scribante
Ben & Jeannine Smith
Bill & Diane Valerian
Lee & Deb Wilson

Cassius Blue Butterfly Level Sponsors
$1,000 - $2,499

Ed & Catherine Anderson
Gary & Cheryl Biltgen
CBIZ Weekes & Callaway
Terry Cotter
Jim & Carmen Courter
Rich & Debbie Donahue
Bob & Darlene Duvin
Paul & Cassie Gaenger
Dick & Mary Jalkut
Ed & Suzanne Jorden
Tom & Margie Juedes
John & Kirsten Kaltenmark
Ray & Diane Knight
Al & Bonnie Koch
Ken & Kim Kouril
David & Loretta Leatherwood
Andrew & Suzanne Lefevour
Jim & Dorothy Lynch
Paul & Jane Majeski
Jack and Brigitte McGrath
David & Patricia McKeon
Philip & Gay Mercer
Eric & Rebecca Messerschmidt
James & Eunice Nondorf
Joe & Carolyn Palchak
John & Elizabeth Parker
Bob & Kathy Paul
Mike & Nancy Roos
Robert & Susan Ross
Kevin and Christine Ryan
Jeff & Sue Springer
Rick & Karen Verblaauw
Chuck & Mary Westphal
Gerry & Vonnie Wilson
Paul Yeakel 

Zebra Butterfly Level Sponsors
Up to $999

Jeff Beale & Michael Stockbridge
Tim & Jean Cadman
Mark & Joanne Cushing
Leo & Dora Farrenkopf
John & Geraldine K. Fiedler
Steve & Linda Gibbs
Jean & John Halligan
Jeff & Lynn Heeren
John & Lana Jacobs
Goulding & Liz Lambert
Joel & Shirley Levine
Bob & Arlene MacDonald
Dan & Sally Neff
Patrick O'Daniel
Bruce & Cathy Odlaug
Dale & Jeri Peterson
Garry & Barbara Scheuring
Jim & Nancy Sheridan
Karin & Ed Siciliano
Bob Smith
Cathie & Bill Thiede
Joe & Ellen Thomas
Nancy Traylor
Jeff & Nancy Wickham 


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